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CNP Southern Pump
Immersion Type Multistage Centrifugal Pump
Specification and Application
CDLK/CDLKF is non-self priming multi-stage centrifugal pump installed with standard motor.The motor shaft is directly connected with the pump shaft through coupling.According to the requirement,the pump can be equipped with intelligent protector,which effectively protects pump from dry rotation,phase lack,overload etc.In order to meet the requirement of installation depth of the water tank or vessel,it is possible to install cavity body for changing length of the pump.Length for different number of stages is shown in the dimensions & weight table and the table of products supplying scope.


- CDLK/CDLKF is used for conveying cooling liquid,lubricating liquid and condensation water of machine tools,industrial cleaning equipment or other cases that application of immerged pump is suitable,and is applicable to various temperature,flow and pressure ranges.CDLKF is applicable to low-corrosive liquid.
- Concretely,it is applicable to electric spark.,lathe,grinding machine,processing center,cooling devices,industrial cleaning equipment,filtering system etc.
 Flow Rated
 0.4 ~ 22 m3/h
 Total Head
 Max. 230 m
 Liquid Temperature
 -15 C ~ +120 C
TypeRated FlowTotal Head 220/380V
CDLK 11200 Material
CDLK 22198 Stainless Steel 304 / 316
CDLK 33168  
CDLK 44178  
CDLK 88186  
CDLK 1616189  
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