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CNP Southern Pump
SP Series
Non-Clogging Self Priming Sewage Pump
Specification and Application
SP Non-clogging self-priming sewage pump is our latest developed product, and is suitable for the treatment project of municipal sewage and industrial sewage as well as stage treatment and concentrated treatment system of various sewages. Its known as King of Self-priming Sewage Pump, and the most ideal new-generation sewage product.
1. Stable performance, reliable operation;
2. Rapid self-priming, high suction head;
3. Back-pull-out construction: Convenient for maintenance and troubleshooting. Daily maintenance can be performed rapidly by common head tools, saving time and labor;
4. Semi-open impeller structure and non-clogging design: Strong passing capacity. Diameter of maximum passing grain for SP-6 is 76mm ;
5. Convenient usage: The pump can be mounted high and dry at floor level, with only the suction line down in the liguid.(the pump shall be filled with water for first start).

1. Rain Water and common sewage;
2. Municipal drainage project, construction site, drainage station of peoples air defense system;
3. Industrial sewage of light industry, paper mill, textile, food processing plant, chemical industry, electric utility, deep mines, etc.;
4. Sewage discharge in the residential area;
5. Sewage and deposit of water purifying system;
6. Tanning industry, sewage of slaughter house, fish breeding in the river and pond;
7. Wine and sugar industry;
8. Sewage discharge not having strong corrosiveness but seriously polluted.
 Flow Rated
 15 ~ 280 m3/h
 Total Head
 4 ~ 25 m
 Liquid Temperature
 0 C ~ 40 C
TypeRated FlowTotal Head  
SP 24027  
SP 38524.5  
SP 413525  
SP 628018  
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